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Facade decor

Facade decor made of expanded polystyrene with marble-acrylic coating


If you want to give the house an individual and respectable look, then take advantage of our offer.



Architectural facade decor made of reinforced plastic foam allows the cottage, house, manor to get individuality, give the appearance of the building an exceptional character or zest.


The facade decor can rightly be called architectural material of the XXI century. Beauty and durability of natural stone with much lighter weight, simplicity and convenience of installation, carried out at any time of year, the ability to implement any architectural ideas – these advantages we offer to our customers.


Facade decor in a series of materials which implement the architectural ideas of owners and architects, takes the place of the leader due to a number of parameters. As well as natural stone decor, it makes it possible to create a beautiful facade for almost centuries and without the need for periodic repairs, which qualitatively distinguishes this decor from other artificial materials for external architectural design.


The aesthetic external texture of natural stone, high durability, surprisingly low weight, durability, technological installation provide that set of characteristics thanks to which thousands of owners and architects have chosen and choose a decor.