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Decorative coating AMK


Novelties of 2019






White color with inclusions of sand and Red mix of four shades.




Vapor permeability

We are often asked about the vapor permeability of the AMK system that is why we highlighted it in a separate block. So, vapor permeability is the ability of a material to pass water vapor.

The vapour permeation resistance of the decorative coating AMK together with the adhesive layer ranges from 0.13 to 0.36 (m²*h*Pa) mg. That fact allows the house to breathe.

For example, vapor permeability of other finishing materials:

Hollow brick - 0,17

Plaster - 0,09

Clinker tile - 0,018

Do not forget that the structure of the building is multi-layered, so it is necessary to take into account the vapor permeability of all constituent materials.


Technical characteristics of the decorative coating AMK

Decorative coating AMK is used on any prepared surface. It is easy to install on such materials as: cement particle board, aerated concrete, penoplex, foam plastic, OSB, hard mineral wool slab, drywall, plaster.

We offer you a solution that combines several operations, reducing the cost of finishing various surfaces. This technology allows you to simplify finishing work, get a surface with high performance characteristics, as well as get an excellent aesthetic appearance.

About decorative coating AMK

AMK production has been carried out since 2015 on the territory of the Don capital. Despite the recent appearance of this system on the market of building materials, analogues in the form of marble plaster and flexible stone have been around for a long time. All these materials have similar components: natural marble chips and acrylic water dispersions.

AMK is a profitable solution for facades and interiors finishing, especially taking into account the difficult install of analogues. However, AMK has other advantages: AMK allows reducing the cost of different surfaces finishing by combining several operations.

Due to the plastic film which applied to each item of the AMK installation is quick and with minimal labor. 

The AMK facade system has an exclusively decorative function and being lightweight it does not load the structure. The fraction of marble chips used in production gives naturalness by imitating brick or masonry.

Marble chips are coloured with iron oxide pigments that are sufficiently resistant to ultraviolet and environmental influences. That fact maintains their aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Only high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials are used in AMK production.





AMK in the interior

In modern interiors, the imitation of masonry and brickwork is becoming increasingly popular. There are many applications of such design: fireplace zones, living rooms, hallways, etc.AMK technology will allow you to implement the most interesting design ideas with minimal labor and financial costs. Light weight, ease and speed of work, aesthetic appearance, naturalness of the components included in the composition, ability to use on different surfaces — all these are the advantages of AMK.The scope of application is quite extensive, because AMK is suitable for decorating separate areas of the interior, and for the restoration of wall defects.


Frequently asked questions

1. What is the service life of AMK decorative coating?

Nothing will happen to the material itself over time, because it is a natural marble crumb. It is worth paying attention to whether the installation was made correctly and what guarantee is given by the manufacturer of the adhesive mixtures which are used by you.

2. Is it possible to finish the walls of an old house, building, structure?

Of course, it is possible. The main thing is to prepare the separated surface well, it is necessary to get rid of all slits and irregularities by plastering it. In the same way, the material is applied to brickwork.

3. Is AMK used in the interior?

Yes, the decorative coating AMK perfectly repeats the brick or stone masonry, which is nowadays increasingly used for interior decoration.

4. When is it necessary to remove the protective film?

Removing the protective film directly depends on the temperature conditions in which the installation is performed. The film can be removed after two days. Attention! It is not recommended to carry out installation work at air temperature below +5 degrees.

5. What adhesive is better to use during installation?

Almost any manufacturer of dry mixes has in the line of their products adhesive for external and internal works, super-strong, water-resistant adhesive of white color. Such adhesive is often used for outdoor swimming pools and mosaic works. Grey adhesive can also be used, but its characteristics must correspond to the above-stated ones. The consumption of one bag is about for 5-7 sq.m.

We recommend adhesive mixtures with AMK.

To obtain white joints

For grey joints use




Why choose AMK?

It consists of natural ingredients

No special skills required for installation

Resistance to external environment

Installation on various surfaces is possible

Fire resistance


Vapor permeability

Aesthetic appearance